1. Medical Domain Names

Most of these health, medical, fitness, wellness and dental domain names are slated for development, over time. We are still open to selling, leasing or licensing domain names at early stages of development.

We hope you find this site refreshingly simple to find a domain of interest. We personally get frustrated with sites of all kinds that use contrived limits on how many domains they display, and essentially force visitors to waste time loading and looking through page after page after page of 20 domains at a time (even with search options) in order to find a perfect fit.  We deliberately put all these names on one page, so quick links don’t require an off-page load, and a lot of annoying back and forth with waiting, loading, isolating and comparing. With this thoughtful design with the client in mind, one can also use the search convenience of your device of choice, such as Ctrl+F on a Windows-based laptop.  We also purposely kept a lot of color off the page and minimized graphics (even though we have great ones) so that if you want to print the whole document to look at them offline, it won’t chew up your printer ink, and it is a rare option these days to be able to grab a highlighter and pen to make notes.  Our goal in this old school design is to save the bells and whistles that slow down functionality, and instead make it an efficient and productive means for our target audience (CEOs, CMOs and founders) to find an ideal domain name in a niche!  What a concept!

Note that if you haven’t found something that you like, we have wide relationships with other domain investors and have helped corporate buyers identify and acquire specific domains.  Hopefully you will find some gems here on our site.  Either way, contact us and we will do our best to help.  We have helped many biotechs, startups, spin outs, practices, clinics, and pharmaceuticals find great health domain names to help improve their attention in the marketplace, and lead ultimately to greater revenues. Some of our customers have included Allergan, Shire, Eli Lilly, ZS Pharma and Purina.

Please contact us if you are interested in a medical domain name shown on this site, or another one.  We are really good at helping clients discover new ways to leverage domains for market advantage, and the all-important consumer perception of leadership in a category.

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Medical and Health-Related Domains

medical business domains

ManagedMed.com Inquire
MedicareSupply.com Inquire
MiniHospital.com Inquire
OutLicense.com Inquire
UpscaleMedical.com Inquire

Biotech Industry Domain Names

BioFN.com Inquire
BiotechPipeline.com Inquire
EnergyBiotech.com Inquire
BioPharmaInc.com Inquire

Medical Records Domain Names

KeepMedicalRecords.com Inquire
MedicalRecordsBusiness.com Inquire
PatientIntakes.com Inquire
WirelessMedicalRecords.com Inquire

Medical Billing Domain Names

MedBiller.com Inquire
MedicalBillingOutsourcer.com Inquire
OutsourcedMedicalBillings.com Inquire
PhysicianBillingService.com Inquire
YourMedicalBilling.com Inquire

Medical Lab Domain Names

eLaboratoire.com Inquire
LabMedEquipment.com Inquire
SupplyLabs.com Inquire

Medical Uniform Domain Names

BlueUniforms.com Inquire
EMSClothing.com Inquire

Medical Device Domains

Infrareds.com Inquire
Ureteroscopes.com Inquire

Medical Stent Domain Names

AngioplastyStent.com Inquire
ElutingStent.com Inquire
ElutingStents.com Inquire
Eluting.com Inquire
BiliaryStent.com Inquire
KidneyStent.com Inquire
KidneyStents.com Inquire
UreteralStent.com Inquire
MedicalStent.com Inquire

Medical Practice Domain Names

DoctorCarson.com Inquire
Dr4Kids.com Inquire
MilwaukeeSurgical.com Inquire
ILCardiac.com Inquire

Medical Expressions Domain Names

RaceToACure.com Inquire
NinetyDayChallenge.com Inquire

environmental health domains

EcoContainer.com Inquire
EnergyBiotech.com Inquire
EnviroGame.com Inquire
EnvironmentalProtections.com Inquire
EnvironmentalToys.com Inquire
Decontaminators.com Inquire
Desalinizing.com Inquire
Eucalyptuses.com Inquire
Surveillancer.com Inquire
Surveillancers.com Inquire

endocrinology and hormone domains

Estronics.com (Turnkey Brand) Inquire
AdrenalFailure.com Inquire
Antiandrogens.com Inquire
EstrogenTest.com Inquire
HormoneReplacementTherapies.com Inquire
Neurohormone.com Inquire
ReplaceHormones.com Inquire
Hormoanal.com (Turnkey Humorous Brand) Inquire

cardiology domains

SleepHypertension.com Inquire
CongestiveHeartFailureSymptoms.com Inquire
HeartAttackSymptomsInWomen.com Inquire
ILCardiac.com Inquire
DiscountedCompressionStockings.com Inquire
Vacli.com (Turnkey Brand) Inquire

Cholesterol Health Domain Names

AdvancedCholesterolTesting.com Inquire
HowToLowerLDL.com Inquire
Hypercholesteremia.com Inquire
SupplementsToLowerCholesterol.com Inquire
LDLCholesterolRange.com Inquire
NonHDLCholesterol.com Inquire
WhatCausesHighCholesterol.com Inquire
WhatIsHyperlipedemia.com Inquire
Hyperlipedemias.com Inquire
Dyslipedemias.com Inquire
MixedHyperlipedemia.com Inquire
LipidMetabolismDisorders.com Inquire

Heart Stent Domain Names

AngioplastyStent.com Inquire
AngioplastyStents.com Inquire
ElutingStent.com Inquire
ElutingStents.com Inquire
Eluting.com Inquire

cognitive, brain and mental health domains

This includes physical malfunctions in the brain, mental health issues, emotional conditions and behavior modification opportunities, neurology, epilipsy and Parkinson’s.

We can’t talk about brain health without covering the incredibly debilitating migraines that impact so many people. Look for migraine domain names in the pain Relief section.

MentalCenters.com Inquire
BriefPsychoticDisorder.com Inquire
SubliminalHelp.com Inquire
ADHDSymptomsInAdults.com Inquire
Psiqe.com (Turnkey Brand) Inquire

Bipolar Health Domain Names

“Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the global market for Bipolar Disorder Therapeutics estimated at US $5.9 Billion in the year 2022, is projected to reach a revised size of US $6.8 Billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 3.1% over the analysis period.” Src: StrategyR/ Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

TypesOfBipolarDisorder.com Inquire
AtypicalBipolar.com Inquire
AtypicalBipolarDisorder.com Inquire
BipolarDisorder2.com Inquire
Bipolared.com Inquire
SymptomsForBipolar.com Inquire
BPDSymptoms.com Inquire

Dementia Domain Names

Dementias.com Inquire
EarlyOnsetDementia.com Inquire
ProgressiveDementias.com Inquire
SubcorticalDementia.com Inquire
SubcorticalVascular.com Inquire
SubcorticalVascularDementia.com Inquire

Emotional Health Domain Names

FemaleBlues.com Inquire
Emasculating.com Inquire
Fantasising.com Inquire
Hatreds.com Inquire
KidDepression.com Inquire

Epilepsy Domain Names

“The global antiepileptic drugs (AED) market size was $16.56 billion in 2018 & is projected to reach $20.33 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 2.4% in forecast period…” ~ Fortune Business Insights

AntiEpilepticDrugs.com Inquire
AntiSeizureMedication.com Inquire
AntiSeizureMeds.com Inquire
MedicationsForSeizures.com Inquire
AvoidSeizure.com Inquire
GrandMalEpilepsy.com Inquire
PetitMalSeizure.com Inquire
BabySeizures.com Inquire
AuraSeizure.com Inquire
AbsenceSeizure.com Inquire
AbsentSeizure.com Inquire
AbsentSeizures.com Inquire
TonicSeizure.com Inquire
TonicSeizures.com Inquire
TonicClonicSeizure.com Inquire
AtonicSeizure.com Inquire
AtonicSeizures.com Inquire
MyoclonicSeizure.com Inquire
MyoclonicSeizures.com Inquire
SeizureDrug.com Inquire
SeizuresMedication.com Inquire
Seixure.com (Turnkey Brand) Inquire

Neural Health Domain Names

NeuralEase.com Inquire
NeuralImprintingDevice.com Inquire
Neuralopathy.com Inquire
NeuralRelief.com Inquire
TopCognitiveEnhancer.com Inquire
NeuroCellularNetworks.com Inquire
Nirvo.com (Turnkey Brand) Inquire
TestForParkinsons.com Inquire
See also pain Relief Domain Names including migraine Domain Names  

cosmetic surgery domains

AbdominoplastySurgeon.com Inquire
CosmeticSurgeryPhysicians.com Inquire
EyeBagSurgery.com Inquire
MyNipTuck.com Inquire
BreastLiftFinancing.com Inquire
BreastLiftHawaii.com Inquire

Medical Aesthetics Procedure Domain Names

AlternativeLiposuction.com Inquire
CosmeticDermatologySantaAna.com Inquire
Liposuctioning.com Inquire
NonSurgicalLift.com Inquire
UltrasonicLipo.com Inquire
OneDayFatRemoval.com Inquire
ScarResurfacing.com Inquire
HowToRemoveScars.com Inquire

Balding and Hair Replacement Domain Names

Receders.com Inquire
HairReplacementNearMe.com Inquire
HairStronger.com Inquire
HairZappers.com Inquire
MaleHairProducts.com Inquire
NaturalLookingWig.com Inquire
NaturalLookingWigs.com Inquire

derma skin health domains

DermatitisDefinition.com Inquire
DermatitisMeaning.com Inquire
DermatitisOnFace.com Inquire
HowToTreatRosacea.com Inquire
SkinSyndrome.com Inquire
SclerodermaTreatments.com Inquire
Epidermus.com (Turnkey Brand) Inquire
SteriSkin.com (Turnkey Brand) Inquire

Atopic Dermatitis Domain Names

SevereAtopicDermatitis.com Inquire
ModerateAtopicDermatitis.com Inquire
AtopicDermatitisMedication.com Inquire
AtopicDermatitisSymptoms.com Inquire
AtopicDisease.com Inquire
WhatIsAtopicDermatitis.com Inquire
QueEsDermatitisAtopica.com Inquire

Eczema Domain Names

EczemaDefinition.com Inquire
EczemaTypes.com Inquire
MildEczema.com Inquire
AllergicEczema.com Inquire
StressEczema.com Inquire
PapularEczema.com Inquire
WeepingEczema.com Inquire
EczemaBlisters.com Inquire
EczemaBumps.com Inquire
EczemaSpots.com Inquire
EczemaInKids.com Inquire
EczemaInAdults.com Inquire
IsEczemaContagious.com Inquire
WhatDoesEczemaLookLike.com Inquire
DifferenceBetweenEczemsaAndPsoriasis.com Inquire
BestTreatmentForEczema.com Inquire
BestMedicationForEczema.com Inquire
BestMedicineForEczema.com Inquire
EczemaPatches.com Inquire
EczemaCausas.com Inquire

Eczema Location On Body Domain Names

EczemaOnNeck.com Inquire
EczemaOnChest.com Inquire
EczemaOnArms.com Inquire
EczemaOnHands.com Inquire
EczemaOnElbows.com Inquire
EczemaOnStomach.com Inquire
EczemaOnBack.com Inquire
EczemaOnLegs.com Inquire
EczemaOnFeet.com Inquire
EarEczema.com Inquire
FootEczema.com Inquire
EczemaArmpit.com.com Inquire

Acne Domain Names

AntibioticAcneTreatment.com Inquire
HomeAcneTreatment.com Inquire
FixAcneScars.com Inquire
LaserAcneScars.com Inquire

Tanning Domain Names

In certain situations tanning has helped acne and psoriasis; in other situations tanning is used more to enhance a fit look, or to soak in Vitamin D3 during an active lifestyle.

DeepBronze.com Inquire
FaceTan.com Inquire
GoldenBronze.com Inquire
GorgeousTan.com Inquire
TanningBedLawyers.com Inquire

Skin Cancer Domain Names

IsItMelanoma.com Inquire
PreventionOfSkinCancer.com Inquire

Aesthetics Topical Skincare and Beauty Domain Names

DermaWipes.com Inquire
DermWipes.com Inquire
BeverlyCosmetics.com Inquire
EyeLiftingCream.com Inquire
FaceLiftingCream.com Inquire
Firming.com Inquire
FirmingFace.com Inquire
MagnesiumLotion.com Inquire
MaternityLotion.com Inquire
MedicatedLotions.com Inquire
NutraCreams.com Inquire
PregnancyLotions.com Inquire
SkinPowder.com Inquire
RosaceaLotion.com Inquire
RosaceaLotions.com Inquire
SmoothingCream.com Inquire
Replenishers.com Inquire
StretchMarkOil.com Inquire
VitaminLotion.com Inquire
VitaminLotions.com Inquire
WrinkleFirming.com Inquire
Wrinkled.org Inquire
Epidermus.com (Turnkey Brand) Inquire
Steriskin.com (Turnkey Brand) Inquire

diabetes domains

DiabeticCare.com Inquire
DiabetesCareOnline.com Inquire
DiabetesLA.com Inquire
DiabetesUS.com Inquire
Glucagons.com Inquire
HowToReverseDiabetes.com Inquire
InsulinSprayer.com Inquire
LiveDiabetes.com Inquire
LowerA1C.co Inquire
ResistDiabetes.com Inquire
RiskDiabetes.com Inquire
T1Insulin.com Inquire
Desugar.com Inquire

Diabetes Monitoring Domain Names

ContinuousMonitors.com Inquire
SugarMonitoring.com Inquire
DiabetesAssistDog.com Inquire
DiabetesAssistDogs.com Inquire
DiabetesCareDog.com Inquire
DiabetesCareDogs.com Inquire

health education domains

Medical-Ed.com Inquire
MedicalWebinars.com Inquire
QEMD.com Inquire
DialysisTraining.com Inquire

Health Education “U” Domain Names

PharmaU.com Inquire
ContinuingU.com Inquire
CuresU.com Inquire
DialysisU.com Inquire
PatientsU.com Inquire
PatientU.com Inquire
PhysiciansU.com Inquire
PhysicianU.com Inquire
RepairU.com Inquire
SleepU.com Inquire

Health and Lifestyle Mentorship and Coaching Domain Names

eCoaching.co Inquire
LifeManage.com Inquire
LifeTrainers.com Inquire
MentorBay.com Inquire

emergency health domains

DisasterAndRecovery.com Inquire
MedicalCareInjury.com Inquire
MyEmergencyKit.com Inquire
SANENurse.com (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Nurse) Inquire

ear health domains

EarInjury.com Inquire
EarSore.com Inquire
FreeHearingTests.com Inquire
TemporaryHearingLoss.com Inquire

eye health domains

BuyCheapContacts.com Inquire
CloseoutVision.com Inquire
EyeApparel.com Inquire
LasikEyeSurgeries.com Inquire
SleepEyes.com Inquire
ReducePuffyEyes.com Inquire

Dry Eyes Domain Names

DryEyeCauses.com Inquire
DryEyeDrug.com Inquire
DryEyeDrugs.com Inquire
DryEyesDisease.com Inquire
DryEyesDrug.com Inquire
DryEyesDrugs.com Inquire
ExtremeDryEyes.com Inquire
MGDTreatment.com Inquire
PrescriptionEyeDropsForDryEyes.com Inquire

feet health domains

HowToCureNailFungus.com Inquire
ModernOrthotics.com Inquire

virology and infection health domains

AIDS, HIV and Other Infection Domain Names

CRBSI.com Inquire
NMRSA.com Inquire
HIVAIDSStatistics.com Inquire
PreventHIVAIDs.com Inquire

Public Health Domain Names

Surveillancer.com Inquire
Surveillancers.com Inquire

Flu Health Domain Names

AboutFlu.com Inquire
AvoidingTheFlu.com Inquire
Enfluenza.com (Turnkey Brand) Inquire
FluDeath.com Inquire
FluDeaths.com Inquire
VirusDeath.com Inquire
FluNoMore.com Inquire
FluPreventionTips.com Inquire
FluSwipes.com Inquire
SprayFlu.com Inquire

Coronavirus Domain Names

SymptomsOfOmicron.com Inquire
WuhFlu.com Inquire
MyCoronasomnia.com Inquire
TreatCoronasomnia.com Inquire
TreatingCoronasomnia.com Inquire

Infection Control Domain Names

AntibacteriaHandSoap.com Inquire
AntibacterialSoftSoap.com Inquire
AntibacteriaSoap.com Inquire
Qmune.com (Turnkey Brand) Inquire
GermChecker.com Inquire
GermCheckers.com Inquire
HandsSanitizers.com Inquire
Infecticidal.com (Turnkey Brand) Inquire
Infecticidals.com (Turnkey Brand) Inquire
Infecticide.com (Turnkey Brand) Inquire
Infecticides.com (Turnkey Brand) Inquire
Inflammacide.com (Turnkey Brand) Inquire

gastrointestinal (GI) health domains

TummyHurts.com Inquire
ChronicDiverticulitis.com Inquire

Acid Reflux and Heartburn Health Domain Names

Antacid.in Inquire
TopAntacid.com Inquire
AcidRefluxNighttime.com Inquire
BestHeartburnCure.com Inquire
BestHeartburnMedicine.com Inquire
MedicationsForHeartburn.com Inquire
oGerd.com Inquire

Constipation Cure Domain Names

AntiConstipation.com Inquire
ConstipationDrug.com Inquire
ConstipationDrugs.com Inquire
ConstipationSolutions.com Inquire
SofteningStools.com Inquire
SoftenStool.com Inquire
SoftenStools.com Inquire
StoolSofteners.com Inquire

liver health domains

ArtificialLiver.com Inquire
Hepru.com (Turnkey Brand) Inquire
LiverDialysis.com Inquire
LiverTreatments.com Inquire
BiliaryStent.com Inquire

Hepatitis Testing and Treatment Domain Names

HepatitisTests.com Inquire
TestForHepatitis.com Inquire
HepatitisATreatments.com Inquire
HepatitisBTesting.com Inquire
HepatitisBTreatments.com Inquire
HepBTesting.com Inquire
HepBTreatments.com Inquire
HepatitisCTests.com Inquire
HepCDrugs.com Inquire
HepCTesting.com Inquire
IsHepatitisCCurable.com Inquire
See also Hepatitis Vaccines  

Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) Disease Domain Names

AdvancedNASH.com Inquire
CureNash.com Inquire
NASHCure.com Inquire
ReverseNASH.com Inquire
ReversingNASH.com Inquire
TreatNASH.com Inquire
WhatIsNASH.com Inquire

long term care health domains

CareOfParents.com Inquire
GoSeniorCare.com Inquire
HomeCareInspectors.com Inquire
HomeCarePros.com Inquire
MyHomeMedical.com Inquire

pain health domains

Pain Management Domain Names

WhatIsPainManagement.com Inquire
SeverePainManagement.com Inquire
ChronicPainAndDepression.com Inquire
ChronicPainDefinition.com Inquire
NonPharmacologicalPainManagement.com Inquire
PainManagementGuidelines.com Inquire
PainManagementTechniques.com Inquire
Plief.com (Turnkey Brand combines Pain + Relief) Inquire

Back Pain Domain Names

BackPainRelief.co Inquire
BackPainTreatmentAtHome.com Inquire
BestMedicineForBackPain.com Inquire
DoctorForBackPain.com Inquire
HowToTreatLowerBackPain.com Inquire
InjectionsForBackPain.com Inquire
MedicationForBackPain.com Inquire
RemediesForLowerBackPain.com Inquire
JointPainInFingers.com Inquire
LowerNeckPain.com Inquire
NeckAndShoulderPain.com Inquire
SevereJointPain.com Inquire
TreatmentForSciaticaPain.com Inquire

Migraine Domain Names

“The global acute and preventive anti-migraine drugs market is expected to be valued at $12.9 billion by 2027, expanding at a CAGR of 9.9% over the forecast period…” Src: iHealthcareAnalyst.com

Migraine Prevention Domain Names
MigrainesPrevention.com Inquire
PreventingMigraine.com Inquire
PreventingAMigraine.com Inquire
HowToPreventMigraine.com Inquire
HowToPreventAMigraine.com Inquire
HowToPreventMigraines.com Inquire
Migraine Treatment Domain Names
AntiMigraineDrug.com Inquire
AntiMigraineDrugs.com Inquire
InstantMigraineRelief.com Inquire
Migraine-Relief.com Inquire
Migraine With Aura Domain Names
AuraMigraine.com Inquire
AuraMigraines.com Inquire
AuraWithMigraine.com Inquire
MigraineAuras.com Inquire
MigraineWithAura.com Inquire
MigrainesWithAura.com Inquire
MigraineWithBrainstemAura.com Inquire
Sudden Onset Migraine Domain Names
AcuteMigraines.com Inquire
AcuteHeadache.com Inquire
AcuteHeadaches.com Inquire
SuddenMigraine.com Inquire
SuddenMigraines.com Inquire
Other Migraine Type Domain Names
AcephalgicMigraine.com Inquire
BigMigraine.com Inquire
BigMigraines.com Inquire
LiveMigraine.com Inquire
LiveMigraines.com Inquire
HormonalMigraine.com Inquire
HormonalMigraines.com Inquire
MiniMigraine.com Inquire
MiniMigraines.com Inquire
MigraineWithoutAura.com Inquire
RetinalMigraine.com Inquire
RetinalMigraines.com Inquire
SuperMigraine.com Inquire
SuperMigraines.com Inquire
SilentMigraines.com Inquire

CBD Health Domain Names

Biocannabinoids.com Inquire
CannabisBuyersClub.com Inquire
Cannadda.com Inquire
CannaHighs.com Inquire
CardioCanna.com Inquire
CBDiu.com Inquire
CBDOilPipe.com Inquire
ClusterCBD.com Inquire
EngineeredCBD.com Inquire
GluCanna.com Inquire
HighSpeedCBD.com Inquire
HighSpeedCBDOil.com Inquire
HolisticCBDOil.com Inquire
InhalingCBD.com Inquire
MHCannabis.com Inquire
MiniCBDOil.com Inquire
MiniCBDOils.com Inquire
NeuronCBD.com Inquire
NeuronCBDOil.com Inquire
OcuCanna.com Inquire
OfferCannabis.com Inquire
SaleBud.com Inquire
StepupCBDOil.com Inquire
USCannibis.com Inquire
VendorCanna.com Inquire
WeedForRelief.com Inquire

Cannabis Drug Lawyer Domain Names

CannaBusinessLawyer.com Inquire
DenverCannabisLawyer.com Inquire
LegalCannabisLawyer.com Inquire

rehab health domains

BullyingRehab.com Inquire
HowToBreakHabit.com Inquire
HowToCureAddiction.com Inquire
RehabAlcoholics.com Inquire
SmokingGoodbye.com Inquire
Wecovery.com (It takes a team!) Inquire

musculoskeletal health domains

These are for bone, spine, joint and related domains, of interest to patients with osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, spine issues and rheumatoid arthritis.

AdvancedSpineCtr.com Inquire
BoneBinder.com Inquire
StrongestBones.com Inquire
RheumatoidArthritisHelp.com Inquire
Rheumatoi.com (Turnkey Brand) Inquire
Rheumatoyd.com (Turnkey Brand) Inquire

women’s health domains

Breast Health Domain Names

Note: We know that men can get breast cancer too, and it is not an exclusively female health issue, but it is most frequently associated with women’s health, so we put it here, to make it easier to find.

WomenBreast.com Inquire
BreastHealthy.com Inquire
HowToCheckForBreastCancer.com Inquire
Mammographers.com Inquire
BreastCancerPinkRibbon.com Inquire
BreastCancerSurvivalRate.com Inquire
Bussoms.com (Turnkey brand) Inquire
BreastLiftFinancing.com Inquire
MedBras.com Inquire
SiliconeBreastForms.com Inquire

Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB-GYN) Health Domain Names

PregnancyTestStrip.com Inquire
PregnancyAbortion.com Inquire
PreventCervicalCancer.com Inquire
WomenPhysician.com Inquire
eNewborn.com Inquire
iOvum.com (Turnkey Brand for Fertility) Inquire
imbli.com (Turnkey Brand for Umbilical Care) Inquire
1Cord.com (Turnkey Brand for Cord Blood Bank) Inquire

urology and renal health domains

Urination Domain Names

FrequentNightUrination.com Inquire
NocturnalUrination.com Inquire
NightUrination.com Inquire
StressIncontinenceTreatment.com Inquire
TheIncontinenceSolution.com Inquire
UreteralStent.com Inquire
UreteralStents.com Inquire
Ureteroscopes.com Inquire

Kidney Domain Names

RenalDiseases.com Inquire
ArtificialKidneys.com Inquire
WearableKidney.com Inquire
WearableKidneys.com Inquire
KidneyStent.com Inquire
KidneyStents.com Inquire

Dialysis Domain Names

DialysisTraining.com Inquire
DialysisU.com Inquire
HomeDialysisMachine.com Inquire
NightDialysis.com Inquire
OralDialysis.com Inquire
USDialysis.com Inquire

respiratory health domains

Covers lungs, sinuses, allergies, asthma, COPD, pneumonia, tuberculosis, and encompasses pulmonology and allergy specialties, over the counter decongestants and more.

Allergy Domain Names

AllergicDisorder.com Inquire
IndoorAllergies.com Inquire
AllergyTestingKits.com Inquire
Allergent.com (Turnkey Brand) Inquire

Asthma Domain Names

AsthmaAirPurifier.com Inquire
AsthmaDisease.com Inquire

COPD Domain Names

COPDLungs.com Inquire
HelpCOPD.com Inquire
HelpMyCOPD.com Inquire
MiniBiPAP.com Inquire

Pneumonia Domain Names

Pneumonya.com (Turnkey Brand) Inquire
See also Pneumonia Vaccine Domain Names  

Nasal and Sinus Domain Names

AllergyNasalSpray.com Inquire
AllergyNasalSprays.com Inquire
NasalSalineSpray.com Inquire
NasalSpraySaline.com Inquire
SinusAllergyRelief.com Inquire
StuffySinuses.com Inquire
Decongesting.com Inquire
Decongestant.info Inquire

Tuberculosis TB Domain Names

LatentTB.com Inquire
MDRTB.com Inquire
TBVaccination.com Inquire
TuberculosisVaccination.com Inquire

pharmaceutical (rx) domains

eSideEffects.com Inquire
Fentanyls.com Inquire
MensMedicines.com Inquire
LittleBrownPill.com Inquire
Pharmacaid.com Inquire
TimeMeds.com Inquire
PillSorter.com Inquire
PillSorters.com Inquire
SingleDoseCure.com Inquire
PharmaU.com Inquire
BioPharmaInc.com Inquire
Medxn.com (Turnkey Brand) Inquire

Drug Delivery Method Domain Names

RXImplant.com Inquire
mDosing.com (for micro dosing) Inquire
Prefilled.com Inquire
PrefilledSyringes.com Inquire

Pharmaceutical Lawyer Domain Names

CancerDrugLawyers.com Inquire
PharmaCounsel.com Inquire

Vaccine Domain Names

Vaccinations.co Inquire
VaccinationInjuries.com Inquire
AsianZika.com Inquire
ChikungunyaVaccination.com Inquire
ChikungunyaVaccine.com Inquire
CholeraVaccination.com Inquire
CholeraVaccines.com Inquire
DengueVaccination.com Inquire
EbolaVaccination.com Inquire
GonorrheaVaccination.com Inquire
MalariaShots.com Inquire
MeaslesVaccinations.com Inquire
MeasleVaccination.com Inquire
MeasleVaccine.com Inquire
MeningitisShots.com Inquire
MeningococcalVaccination.com Inquire
RhinoVirusVaccine.com Inquire
TBVaccination.com Inquire
TuberculosisVaccination.com Inquire
TyphoidVaccination.com Inquire

Hepatitis Vaccine Domain Names

HepatitisAVaccines.com Inquire
HepAVaccines.com Inquire
HepatitisBVaccines.com Inquire
HepBVaccines.com Inquire
VaccineForHepatitisB.com Inquire
HepCVaccines.com Inquire
HepatitisDVaccine.com Inquire
HepDVaccine.com Inquire
HepatitisEVaccine.com Inquire
HepEVaccine.com Inquire

Pneumonia Vaccine Domain Names

PneumococcalVaccines.com Inquire
PneumoniaShots.com Inquire
PneumoniaVaccination.com Inquire
PneumoniaVaccinations.com Inquire
Pneumonya.com (Turnkey Brand) Inquire
PneumoVaccination.com Inquire
PneumoVaccinations.com Inquire
PneumoVaccine.com Inquire
PneumoVaccines.com Inquire

health testing domains

DiagnosticTestStrips.com Inquire
ShopTestStrips.com Inquire
PregnancyTestStrip.con Inquire
KetoneTestStrips.com Inquire
TestForParkinsons.com Inquire

Drug Screening Domain Names

DrugScreener.com Inquire
DrugScreeningKit.com Inquire
DrugTestStrip.com Inquire
MultiDrugScreen.com Inquire
MultiDrugScreening.com Inquire
MarijuanaScreening.com Inquire
UrineDrugScreens.com Inquire
Surveillancer.com Inquire
Surveillancers.com Inquire

sleep health domains

AsleepNow.com Inquire
SleepingCures.com Inquire
SureRest.com Inquire
SleepU.com Inquire
SleepEyes.com Inquire
SleepHypertension.com Inquire

Sleep Apnea Domain Names

SleepStudy.us Inquire
SleepApneaMedication.com Inquire
MiniBiPAP.com Inquire
ChicagoSleepClinic.com Inquire

Snoring Domain Names

Snoor.com (Turnkey Brand) Inquire
SnoreDevice.com Inquire
HowToControlSnoring.com Inquire

Coronasomnia Domain Names

MyCoronasomnia.com Inquire
TreatCoronasomnia.com Inquire
TreatingCoronasomnia.com Inquire

health fitness domains

Physical Fitness Domain Names

FitU.com Inquire
AccreditedFitness.com Inquire
ClientFitness.com Inquire
FirmingBody.com Inquire
FirmingMuscle.com Inquire
FirmingMuscles.com Inquire
TrainerPersonal.com Inquire
PumpsMeUp.com Inquire
Enrgz.com (Turnkey Brand) Inquire
LifeManage.com Inquire
LifeTrainers.com Inquire

Health Supplements Domain Names

AthleteSupplement.com Inquire
DiscountSportsNutrition.com Inquire
IsAspartameBadForYou.com Inquire
LiquidMineralsSupplements.com Inquire
LiquidMineralSupplement.com Inquire
MyFluids.com Inquire
NutriVitamins.com Inquire
PowderedProtein.com Inquire
PowderedProteins.com Inquire
PowerEnzymes.com Inquire
SupplementsForDieting.com Inquire
ToddlerVitamin.com Inquire
VitaminDCapsules.com Inquire
VitaminDLevels.com Inquire
VitaminDTablets.com Inquire

Medicinal Mushrooms Domain Names

Chaga.io Inquire
SampleChaga.com Inquire
Graviolas.com Inquire
Reishis.com Inquire

Weight Loss Domain Names

DangersOfObesity.com Inquire
Obesis.com (Turnkey Brand) Inquire
MedicalWeightLossDiet.com Inquire
DietingForWeightLoss.com Inquire
CutLBs.com Inquire
FatsDiet.com Inquire
CarbsBlock.com Inquire
GreenTeaWeightLossSecrets.com Inquire
HowToGainWeightAndMuscle.com Inquire
HowToLose10PoundsIn3Days.com Inquire
HowToLose10PoundsIn3Weeks.com Inquire
HowToLose20PoundsFast.com Inquire
HowToLose50Pounds.com Inquire
HowToLose5PoundsAWeek.com Inquire
HowToLoseLowerBackFat.com Inquire
Lose15LbsIn2Weeks.com Inquire
Losing10PoundsInAMonth.com Inquire
MyRightWeight.com Inquire
NoExerciseWeightLoss.com Inquire
OneDayFatRemoval.com Inquire
PoundBuster.com Inquire
SlimmerWaist.com Inquire
StayOnMyDiet.com Inquire
Porkier.com Inquire
Starvers.com Inquire

Weight Loss Surgery Domain Names

BariatricProfessionals.com Inquire
GastricBypassWeightLoss.com Inquire
WeightLossSurgeryRequirements.com Inquire
WeightLossSurgerySleeve.com Inquire

Belly Fat Weight Loss Domain Names

BellyFatBurningExercises.com Inquire
BellyFatDietBook.com Inquire
BellyRapper.com Inquire
ExercisesToBurnBellyFat.com Inquire
HowToGetRidOfBellyFatFast.com Inquire
HowToGetRidOfFatBelly.com Inquire
HowToLoseBellyFatIn10Days.com Inquire
HowToReduceBellyFat.com Inquire
LoseBellyFatPlan.com Inquire

Wellness Health Domain Names

AlternativeHealingMethods.com Inquire
DailyRetreat.com Inquire
HealthWellnessPlans.com Inquire
EatRightFeelGood.com Inquire
LivingGuides.com Inquire
RelaxAMinute.com Inquire
SimpleLifer.com Inquire
WellnessSources.com Inquire
WholePatient.com Inquire
Wecovery.com (It takes a team!) Inquire

Sports Health Domain Names

AIArmBand.com Inquire
AIArmBands.com Inquire
LifeWearable.com Inquire
SportsBenefits.com Inquire
WorkoutAxe.com Inquire

oncology and mesothelioma domains

SymptomsForMesothelioma.com Inquire
AsbestosSymptom.com Inquire
MetastaticMesothelioma.com Inquire
MoldVictims.com Inquire
TopAsbestosLawyers.com Inquire
MesotheliomaLawyerNearMe.com Inquire

life funeral domains

FuneralsPlan.com Inquire
OwnFuneral.com Inquire
uDied.com Inquire

brandable health and medical domains

Dizeases.com Inquire
Allergent.com Inquire
Enrgz.com Inquire
Estronics.com (Turnkey brand) Inquire
Fabs.me Inquire
Hempe.co Inquire
iFifty.com Inquire
Imbli.com Inquire
Infecticidal.com Inquire
Infecticidals.com Inquire
Infecticide.com Inquire
Infecticides.com Inquire
Inflammacide.com Inquire
Innyu.com Inquire
IonUp.com Inquire
iovum.com Inquire
Jeule.com Inquire
Medxn.com Inquire
Neckeds.com Inquire
Nexze.com Inquire
Nirvo.com Inquire
Obesis.com Inquire
Phixu.com Inquire
Plief.com (Turnkey Brand combines Pain + Relief) Inquire
Psiqe.com Inquire
QEMD.com Inquire
Qmune.com Inquire
Rheumatoi.com (Turnkey Brand) Inquire
Rheumatoyd.com (Turnkey Brand) Inquire
Seixure.com Inquire
Seixures.com Inquire
Steriskin.com (Turnkey Brand) Inquire
Tphus.com Inquire
uDied.com Inquire
UHealthcare.com Inquire
Vacli.com (Turnkey Brand) Inquire
Wecovery.com Inquire
Sclerodermacide.com Inquire

dental health domains

TheDentistFinder.com Inquire
SmileCareDentists.com Inquire
SmilesOfBeauty.com Inquire
PediatricianDentist.com Inquire
PortableDentists.com Inquire
mDentists.com Inquire
PartialTeeth.com Inquire
EMDentist .com Inquire
EMDentists.com Inquire

Orthodontist Domain Names

AffordableOrthodontist.com Inquire
DentistryBraces.com Inquire
OrthodonticsForChildren.com Inquire
OrthodonticSurgeon.com Inquire

Teeth Whitening Domain Names

DentistTeethCleaning.com Inquire
eTeethWhitening.com Inquire
AdvancedDentalWhitening.com Inquire
WhitenUs.com Inquire
Enamelers.com Inquire

Endodontics Dental Health Domain Names

EndodonticsDentist.com Inquire
PullWisdomTeeth.com Inquire
PullWisdomTooth.com Inquire
RemoveWisdomTooth.com Inquire
ImplantDentistBB.com Inquire

TMJ and TMD Dental Health Domain Names

JawJointPain.com Inquire
TMDSpecialists.com Inquire
TMJSpecialistNearMe.com Inquire

Geo Dental Health Domain Names

BestOverlandParkDentist.com Inquire
BeverlyHillsDentalSurgeon.com Inquire
ChicagoTMD.com Inquire
CosmeticDentistSaltLake.com Inquire
CosmeticDentistsNewYork.com Inquire
DentalBeverlyHills.com Inquire
DentistColumbiaMO.com Inquire
DentistIA.com Inquire
LVImplant.com Inquire
LVImplants.com Inquire
NCDentists.com Inquire
SanDiegoDentures.com Inquire

animal health domains

24HourAnimalHospital.com Inquire
LocalPetShelters.com Inquire
DogsVitamin.com Inquire
PetBlues.com Inquire
SpayU.com Inquire

Dog and Cat Parasite Domain Names

DogParasite.com Inquire
TicksAndFleas.com Inquire
TicksFleas.com Inquire
FleaTickPrevention.com Inquire
FleaTickProtection.com Inquire
KillTicksAndFleas.com Inquire
KillTicksFleas.com Inquire

CBD Oil for Pets Domain Names

CBDOilPetTreat.com Inquire
PetTreatCBDOil.com Inquire

Farm Animal Health Domain Names

Emasculating.com Inquire
FowlTyphoid.com Inquire
DairyMastitis.com Inquire
TeatSealant.com Inquire
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