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Med Domain Names

Keyword domain names that are meaningful to patients and medical caregivers make it easier for people to find your company, your products, and your solutions.  When you own a domain name that captures a category, customers know you are serious about that category.  Make it easy for people to find you, by capturing the NATURAL way that they already think. Buy your medical domain names from us, and dominate your market categories.


Medical Domain Names

All medical domain names are slated for development. We are still open to selling the domain names at early stages of development. Please contact us if you are interested in a medical domain name shown on this site.

 Medical Domain Names

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*MEDICAL  Inquire  Inquire 
*MEDICAL-BILLING AND RECORDS  Inquire  Inquire  $  150,000  Inquire $    15,000
*MEDICAL-CANCER  Inquire  Inquire  $    25,000  Inquire  $    25,000
*MEDICAL-CATHETERS $17,000 $11,500 4,500 3,500 $ 35,000 $15,000 $10,000 $30,000  Inquire 
*MEDICAL-CATHETERS-INFECTION  Inquire  Inquire  $    15,000
*MEDICAL-CATHLOCKS  Inquire  Inquire 
*MEDICAL-COSMETIC  Inquire  $    15,000

 $    14,000  $      7,500  $    12,000  $      5,000  Inquire
*MEDICAL-COSMETIC-BALD  $      5,000  $      5,000


$ 1,800

$ 2,500

*MEDICAL-DENTAL  Inquire   (Mobile Service)  Inquire  Inquire 
*MEDICAL-DERMATOLOGY  $    20,000  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire 
*MEDICAL-DIABETES  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire 
*MEDICAL-DIALYSIS  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire 
*MEDICAL-EARS  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire 
*MEDICAL-EMERGENCY AND WOUNDS  $    15,000  $      5,200
*MEDICAL-EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL  Inquire  Inquire  $    85,000  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire 
*MEDICAL-EYES  $      4,500  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire 
*MEDICAL-FACILITIES  Inquire  Inquire 
*MEDICAL-GI  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire 
*MEDICAL-HORMONES  Inquire  Inquire 
*MEDICAL-INFECTION  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire   Inquire  $    10,000
*MEDICAL-INFECTION-FLU  Inquire  Inquire  $    15,000  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire 
*MEDICAL-LIVER  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire 
*MEDICAL-OBGYN  $    10,000  Inquire 
*MEDICAL-ORGANS  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire 
*MEDICAL-ORTHO  $    35,000  Inquire 
*MEDICAL-PAIN  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire 
*MEDICAL-RESPIRATORY  $    25,000  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire 
Decongestant.Info  Inquire  $    25,000  Inquire (Tuberculosis)  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  $       2,500
*MEDICAL-RX  Inquire  Inquire  $      8,500  $      2,500  Inquire $     36,000  $    12,500  Inquire 
PrescriptionInsurance.US  Inquire  Inquire  $      8,500
*MEDICAL-RX-VACCINE  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  $      8,500  $      3,500  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  $      8,500  $    15,000  Inquire  $    30,000
*MEDICAL-SEIZURE  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire 
*MEDICAL-SENIOR CARE OR LTC  Inquire  $    25,000  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  $    25,000
*MEDICAL-SLEEP  Inquire  $    25,000  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  $    10,000  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire 
*MEDICAL-STENTS  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire 
*MEDICAL-UROLOGY  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire 
*MEDICAL-VET  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire  Inquire 

In addition to medical domain names, we also have these fitness related domain names.

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